Privacy and Cookies Policy

LAST UPDATED: April 2018

Users are not required to register prior to browsing this portal. You are permitted to browse our website without giving us your personal information.

There is an area reserved for registered Users, however. When registering, Users create a username and password.

Accuracy of personal information

The personal information given by Users must be accurate and truthful. GKACADEMICS provides registered Users with the tools required to update their personal information. Users are responsible for keeping their personal information current.

Release of personal information

GKACADEMICS will not release Users’ personal information. In the event that personal information is going to be released to other companies, the User concerned will be asked, beforehand, for his/her consent and will be informed of the identity of the recipient and the purpose for which this release is going to take place.


GKACADEMICS has taken the technical and organizational measures required to protect information of a personal nature. To this end, it has applied security measures as stipulated in Article 32 of the General Data Protection Regulation [European Union] for the type of personal information that is handled in files owned by GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE ACADEMICS.


This website uses third-party cookies, which are alphanumeric identifiers that the web browser places on the computer’s hard drive. Cookies enable the GKACADEMICS systems to recognize the browser when a User visits the website again, and the purpose of this is to make it easier to browse the GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE ACADEMICS website. Cookies make it possible to use the website’s personalized functions; thus, we recommend that cookies be kept activated. If it is their preference, however, Users can force their computers to stop storing cookies. Most browsers give information as to how to prevent the computer from accepting new cookies; how to make it give notice when a new cookie has been received; and how to deactivate cookies altogether. Users may find this information under the Help menu on the browser’s toolbar.

At any time, Users may choose which cookies, in particular, they wish to activate on this website by configuring the browser:

  • Chrome:
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Deactivating cookies will not harm the website in any way; it will continue to function, but we will not be able to obtain the information on website usage that these cookies capture and that enables us to improve our services.

This website uses third-party cookies for analytical purposes. The use of cookies does not involve any processing of personal information.

To be specific, we utilize Google ANALYTICS, which gathers data on the number of visits; the pages or sections viewed; the duration of browsing; the websites visited prior to entering this website; details about the browsers used; and information related to the browsing itself.

Rights of the personal information owners

The owners of information of a personal nature, or their representatives, have the right to exercise their rights pursuant to Articles 15 to 22 of the General Data Protection Regulation [European Union]. Owners may do so by submitting a request to GKACADEMICS, using any method that allows for certification of the sending and receiving. Users may also file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( if they believe that their rights have been violated.

Term of and changes to this Data Protection Policy

GKACADEMICS reserves the right to modify its Data Protection Policy in the event of a change in current legislation or jurisprudential doctrine or on the basis of internal business decisions. If any change is made to this policy, the new text will be published at this same web address.

Applicable laws

GKACADEMICS has developed its Privacy and Cookies Policy pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act, and in keeping with the Information Society Services and E-commerce Act. For further information, please see the Spanish Data Protection Agency’s website: