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I'm studying information technology . What I should do? Aug, 15 2023

Entering the IT Journey: What to Expect?

Leander here, your friendly neighbourhood IT guru, diving into a topic, I'm sure, entices a lot of curiosity - information technology, or as I like to say, the science of human imagination. My own journey with IT began many moons ago, right when the Y2K bug was causing a global stir. Yes, during a time when coding was more an adventure than a task, when nobody brought packed lunches because Pizza Hut delivery was always around. Good times!

Studying IT is a thrilling expedition filled with late-night coding skirmishes, mysterious error messages that pop out of nowhere, unfathomable algorithms that you'd swear were designed to make your life difficult and don't even get me started on software updates. My son, Marcel, and I often have good-hearted debates about such nerdy topics, especially since he's inherited my curious mind. The beauty of studying and working in IT is that you're always learning, it's like you're an eternal student, and there's always a new mountain to climb or a new bug to squash!

Making Sense of the IT Spectrum

My best advice for anyone intent on studying IT is to know that it's a spectrum. IT is an umbrella term that covers everything from coding, cybersecurity, tech development to project management and strategic consulting. To give you an illustrative example, imagine Westfield shopping centre, marked on the surface as 'Retail' but beneath its moniker are clothing stores, tech shops, cinemas, and more. Similarly, IT is an umbrella sheltering a range of specialities. Choosing the right IT domain for you is akin to finding your favourite store in a shopping centre.

Earlier in my career, a mentor of mine shared an invaluable piece of advice that stuck with me. He said, "Leander, imagine being on a first name basis with the latest tech and cyber concepts. That's IT for you." To this day, I've never looked back and dived into each and every concept with the same enthusiasm. It's important to keep in mind that sometimes the depth won't make sense, and that's okay. Keep pushing, and over time, pieces of the IT puzzle will start falling into place.

Studying with Purpose: Finding Your Niche

One of the fundamental things to do while studying IT is determining where exactly in this wide spectrum, your passion lies. Are you a creative soul who enjoys bringing ideas to life with software development? Or perhaps, the thrill of a firewall successfully thwarting a cyber attack gets your blood pumping? There are myriad paths to choose from, and it's essential to find a niche that pairs well with both your skills and interests.

Choosing your niche largely depends on trial and error. I remembered when I signed up for a system administration course during my university days, assuming it would be a piece of cake. However, maintaining servers and networks turned out to be as entertaining as watching paint dry. On the other hand, coding, particularly Python and Java, was like jumping into an exciting mystery novel; every line of code a twist in the plot. This is when I realised software development was my calling.

Tip-Toeing into the Tech Language: Coding

Once you've found your niche, the next hurdle to cross is tackling the mammoth task of learning to code. This might seem intimidating at first. I mean, staring at hundreds of lines of code on a screen, trying to make sense of what seems to be a mishmash of alphabets, numbers, and special characters can seem almost alien. It’s like your first sailing trip without a compass navigating through unchartered waters. Trust me, I’ve been there.

But fear not my friend, as with any other language, it gets easier with practice. In fact, my own journey with code commenced with playful curiosity, a never-ending river of coffee and late-night internet binges. I remember how challenging it was initially. But now, every time I crack a cryptic code, it feels like I've uncovered some ancient secret, and I'll tell you, there is no feeling more rewarding than this. It’s a thrill akin to winning a treasure hunt!

The Magic of Mentorship

Mentors play a crucial role in shaping our understanding of IT. They can translate complicated jargon into layman's terms, share invaluable insights from their own experiences, and provide guidance during your IT journey. I remember my first mentor, Paul. He was somewhat of a wizard with codes and algorithms. His method of explaining complex concepts using simple everyday examples was nothing short of magical.

Remember how I mentioned Marcel earlier, my trail-blazing mini-me? While I never force him towards the IT path, seeing him spark with curiosity when I share my coding stories, my victories and failures, reminds me of the importance of mentorship and passing on the baton. So, seek out mentors, participate in communities and forums, and never be afraid to ask for help.

Adopt a Problem-Solving Mindset

Here's the kicker, Information Technology at its core, is problem-solving. It is about offering viable solutions to real-world problems. From creating intricate algorithms that help sort millions of data points in seconds, to developing sophisticated software security systems that guard against malicious cyber attacks, every aspect of IT is tied into problem-solving.

Adopting a problem-solving mindset involves creativity, critical thinking, and loads of patience. It’s like a game of chess where you’re constantly thinking a few steps ahead, anticipating possible outcomes, and then formulating your moves. It takes next level mental agility, a pinch of stoicism, and a dash of stubborn persistence to become an apt problem solver. Definitely not an easy feat but one that is deeply rewarding, professionally and personally.

Never Stop Learning

The world of IT is constantly evolving. Today, we're talking about AI, machine learning and cloud computing. Tomorrow it might be quantum computing or something entirely different. The key is to always be a student, willing to learn and adapt. It’s an ongoing journey that requires constant upskilling.

No matter the milestone you achieve, remember there’s always something new around the corner. Embrace the advancements and the challenges they bring. Each day in the tech arena is different from the last, which is why IT is such a dynamic field. There are no full stops, only continuous commas, in the language of technology, and that’s something I find intensely exciting.

When I embarked on my journey in IT, the concept of Internet of Things was merely a whisper in the tech industry. And now, here we are, living in smart homes, communicating with Siri, and having my son, Marcel, beat me in interactive video games! It truly is a testament to the ceaseless wheel of innovation that is IT.

Revel in the Journey

In conclusion, IT is a constantly evolving field that requires a dedicated student, a willing explorer, and an eager learner. I implore you to not to dread the intricate algorithms, the cryptic codes, or the baffling cyber security concepts. Instead, choose to embrace them, welcome the challenges they offer with open arms.

Let your victories inspire you and your setbacks fuel you. Allow yourself to be humbled and awed by the vastness of this dynamic field. And most importantly, enjoy the journey. Because, dear friend, studying IT isn't merely an education, it's an experience, an adventure, a tale worthy of recounting. Just ask Marcel.