27 01 2016 27 01 2016

What is included in the fee?

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An full registration includes: attendance to plenary presentations and other sessions every day of the conference; lunch, coffee breaks, and welcome cocktail; printed program and other conference materials; one year subscription to the associated journal; online newsletters and community news; to submit your article for free to the journal, which will eventually publish the paper [...]

27 01 2016 27 01 2016

Do you offer invitation letters for visa?

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Yes. We offer invitation letters for visas for those who have paid the registration fee. Please send your request via our contact form. Note that if you cancel your registration, we will contact the embassy to revoke the invitation letter. Specific questions regarding visas should be addressed to your local government, the embassy, or the [...]

27 01 2016 27 01 2016

Is there a limit of proposals to be submitted to the Conference?

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In order to give a chance as many delegates as possible to present at the Conference within the constraints of the schedule, only one presentation by author and registration will be allowed. For instance, three registered authors can present no more than three proposals together (i.e., as coauthors). In other words, there must be at [...]

27 01 2016 27 01 2016

When will the Conference Program be available?

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The first draft of the program will be available approximately one month before the Conference. If your proposal has been accepted and you have completed the registration and the payment of the same, your presentation will appear in the draft program. We accept proposals and registration until approximately 2 weeks before the Conference starts. Please [...]

27 01 2016 27 01 2016

What do I need to submit a proposal?

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The online registration form asks for the following information about the author and the proposal. This information will be included in the conference program: Proposal Title Short Abstract (max. 300 words) Conference Section/Theme (know the themes available) Presentation Type (know the presentation types available) Keywords First Name of the Author Family Name of the Author [...]

27 01 2016 27 01 2016

¿Cuándo estará disponible el programa del Congreso?

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El primer borrador del programa estará disponible aproximadamente un mes antes del Congreso. Si su  propuesta ha sido aceptada y ha realizado la inscripción y de pago de la misma, su presentación aparecerá programada en ese borrador. Aceptamos propuestas e inscripciones hasta el cierre de la convocatoria, es decir, aproximadamente 2 semanas antes del Congreso. [...]