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Congress Program


Each year, the International Congress of Technology, Science and Society attracts a diverse group of participants from around the world. Our program development team bases on this diversity to provide a rich and distinctive experience, including keynote speakers, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and social events. The congress program brings together presentations on similar topics to facilitate knowledge sharing and community building.

Available 3 months before the congress.

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2019 Highlighted Themes

Emergent trends in hybrid and social innovations

Social innovation is at the heart of the economic and socio-cultural transformation we are experiencing, seeking a balance towards a more just and sustainable world. In a few decades, under the advance of digital technologies and the so-called fourth industrial revolution, a great variety of hybrid innovations is emerging, such as open social innovation and digital social innovation. This growing phenomenon of hybrid and cross-sector social innovations across technology, society and culture is opening new avenues to the co-creation of social and economic value. At the same time, it unfolds through new organizational interactions among multiple actors from the public, private and civil society. Which are the principal trends and implications for both the practice and innovation research?

The social construction of Science, Technology and Innovation

Data production has become a major trend in our societies. From local to global, the production of information is a way to address others and to become known. It is also a way of building up narratives on the best way of being innovative and virtually included in a post-reality of media and social networks. Through computing algorithms and big data analysis, the risks of being monopolized increase, which raises questions of justice and democracy. The social construction of Science, Technology, and Innovation applies for the discussion of crucial issues on Humanity and the future of our societies on global and local scales.

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