Want to get to know our new web portal?

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new academic portal. There you will find information not only about conferences, books and journals in this community, but also other academic communities managed by Global Knowledge Academics.

Visit our new web portal www.gkacademics.com
Portátil nueva web GKA

Author Guidelines

Shown below are the requirements that all texts submitted to us must meet. We can refer authors to an editing service that they may hire to improve their texts. Authors may request a quote for this by sending an email to publishing@gkacademics.com.

General Requirements

  • Texts may be 3,000 to 8,000 words in length.

  • Texts must be in the form of an essay or expository writing, like the style of a textbook chapter or journal article.

  • Authors must ensure that citations, diagrams, tables, and maps are accurate.

  • Key words must be clear and precise.

  • Only editable files, such as Microsoft Word and Open Office files, will be accepted.

  • Manuscripts in PDF format will not be accepted.

Formatting Requirements

  • All texts must be adapted to the template shown below.

  • All images, graphics, and tables must have a title and must indicate the source. Also, they must be positioned where they will appear in the text.

  • Graphics and images must be sharp and display well on-screen. Graphics that are not relevant to comprehension of the text will be deleted from it.

  • The use of advanced Word functions (drawing objects, automatic tables, markers, etc.) is not permitted.

Download template

Bibliographic References

  • For bibliographic references within the text, an abbreviated format (author, year: pp.) will be used, with the full reference given in the list at the end.

  • Footnotes will be for clarifying or amplifying, and authors will aim to keep the necessary footnotes to a minimum.

  • The list of bibliographic references will be placed at the end, in APA (American Psychological Association) style.