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This community of researchers and academics meets once a year in this innovative international congress and virtually through social networks and the journal collection.

  • International scope: congresses held in major world capitals.
  • Multicultural Environment: participants from more than 30 countries.
  • Thematic diversity: interdisciplinary approach and channels for specialized publication.
  • Academic rigor: compliance with regulatory and quality assessment agencies.
  • Social commitment: open access journals, free software platforms, and grants for young promising researchers.
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International Congress

The Congress is held annually in cities around the world, connecting the local and the global in the field of Technology.

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The journals have a double-blind peer review process enabling authors to publish in academic journals with the highest quality standards.

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Our social networks encourage and facilitate the international exchange of news in the environment of Technology.

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Learn more about the Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU in Valencia, Spain.

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News on Technology and Science

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